Human Design & Gene Keys easy to use

When I started with Human Design and the Gene Keys in 2018, I often felt overwhelmed and confused. I read a lot, heard a lot and longed for a place or a person helping me with my questions. Some information sounded a little bit narrow minded or overcomplicated. As a writer, I had a lot of issues with the language – partially it sounded confining, negative and weird.  I questioned the system over and over again, but I could not stop going after it, because I knew, there is something very special and helpful about it. After years of self study, a lot of courses and coaching hours in which I filtered the helpful information from the not so helpful stuff, I learned how to apply Human Design and the Gene Keys in a practical way into my everyday life and started to explain it to people so that they can get helpful information out of it and put them to use.  People often tell me: "Oh, when I researched online it felt so repelling  but when you describe it, it's so easy and juicy."  That's something I am designed to do with Channel 23-43: Describe complicated things in an easy to understand way. I love to share wisdom nuggets with people, who ask for them, I like to navigate people to the good stuff and help  with some shortcuts to use Human Design or the Gene Keys for yourself, your relationships, in business and families. That's why I created the training and mentoring part.


Training an Mentoring is for people who want to learn how Human Design works. When I booked my first reading I was like: "Ok, you tell me, this is a gift but where in my Bodygraph do I see that? How do you know that?" I wanted to know how it works and do it by myself. I created this training for all the people who are like me and need more background information than a reading could provide.


During the training we can talk about your chart, a chart of a different person or just a topic you have in your mind. You will learn how to look at a chart in a holistic way. Sometimes people do not feel their Energytype to be right, they feel, there is something missing and maybe that's because they did not look at the whole energy in the body, for example. It does not matter, if you just started with Human Design, the Gene Keys or both or if you already have a lot of knowledge but there is this one thing you can not wrap your head around. As I know, people are different, you can book my time either via Voice Messages or Zoom Calls.

You love voice messages, appointments not so much

If you want to have a flexible schedule, love audio messages and need answers, but appointments are difficult to integrate into your daily routine, this is for you. You book an hourly quota with me. If you have one or more questions, you send them to me as a text or voice message. I will answer you within 48 hours. Please note that the time I need to listen to your voice message will also be included. I will always keep you updated on how many hours or minutes are left.

You can buy the hours individually or as a box (4 hours).

You love 1:1 sessions             and visuals

For our Human Design or Gene Keys Training Session, we meet via Zoom and share the screen with each other. You can send your questions in advance via mail, but it's also ok if you ask spontaneously in the meeting. If it's about specific charts, it's helpful to send the data beforehand. You can order one hour or a training box (4 hours) and we will use the hours as it fits, some session may be 90 minutes, another maybe just 40 minutes, it depends on your question. You can record the sessions if you like to.

150 € / hour

Package:  4h : 550 €

Payment is made in advance.

I will send an invoice to you and you can pay via PayPal


Ninja Priesterjahn